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Welcome to Project Kintsugi

We are here to remind you that you’re not alone

Project Kintsugi is an online community to educate, elevate and connect people affected by divorce, domestic violence and mental health challenges.

In February 2019, it started as a safe space, as a support group for women dealing with divorce, domestic violence and mental health challenges.

What started as a one person initiative in 2019 is now a community of 1300+ women helping and uplifting each other.

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Our Only Mission is to Fulfill Others Dreams

About the Founder

Hello there! My name is Indu. People now know me as the Kintsugi girl, but I am also an HR professional based in Chennai, India.

I launched Project Kintsugi in February 2019, just a few months after my divorce, when I was looking for a new purpose in life.

After publishing my birthday post on Instagram about being 30, alone, and depressed, what began as an experience sharing project quickly turned into a support group. This is also when I learned that so many people around me were going through life issues, and my message helped them (and me!) realize that we are not alone.

A month later, I had my first ever meet-up, where two single mothers exchanged phone numbers to stay in touch. 

That’s when it all began, and now we’re a community of 1300+ women, with a Telegram group, a Facebook private group, and chat rooms where women from all over the world can interact.


What do we do?

We Educate

We create awareness about good mental health, relationships and support available

We Help

With our web app, we connect people with resources and make them available when they need them the most

We Build

We build a safe space, a community where people can seek help, be themselves, support each other in their healing journeys

We Make a Difference

By helping each other out, by destigmatising the social stigmas and strive towards making this world a kinder place, one day at a time

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